What does Florida Medicare plans cover? It depends. Treatment for lung cancer comes in several options, and of course, depending on several other factors. In some circumstances, out-of-pocket costs are part of the Medicare coverage. How do you find what you’re covered? Absolute Best Insurance begins with the basic terms that fall under each insurance company. Deductible, coinsurance, and copayment. ABI works directly with consumers and as an insurance broker w/ many agents in Palm Beach County. We offer our services to make sure you know what you’re covered with no surprise medical bills.

What Should I Know With Florida Medicare Plans?

Knowing the deductible is important, as this is the annual amount that needs to be spent within a time frame. This way the insurer starts to fund the treatments. The coinsurance is the percentage of treatment the patient will need to provide themselves. Lastly, the copayment is the fixed amount of payment that the patient will provide while receiving the treatments

However, do Medicare plans cover lung cancer? Medicare has different parts, and some are administered by private insurance companies. The good news is that some parts do cover lung cancer care. 

Parts of Medicare

There are four parts of Medicare: Medicare A, B, C, and D. 

  • A is called the hospital insurance and pays for the expenses when someone stays in the hospital. 
  • B is the medical insurance. Any service provided outside the hospital is covered with B. 
  • C is the Medicare Advantage. A private company has bundled plans and benefits of A and B into one policy. It also covers prescriptions.
  • D is also called the PDP (prescription drug plan). Is it through a private insurance company and covers the outpatient medications that treat lung cancer. 

This also depends on the type of cancer, and in this case, there are only two main types.

  • Small cell lung cancer is associated with cigarettes. Chemotherapy is a common treatment.
  • Non-small cell lung cancer, which is more common and it is slow growing. A doctor would take a sample and look for biomarkers to find more information to build a treatment plan.

The biomarkers are within DNA and can tell the doctor what treatments would work best for the given patient. Treatment is easily customized to the person, both types of lung cancers are the same. Other factors to lung cancer can be related to air pollution or radon.

The screen test, a LDCT scan (low dose computed tomography) will help find lung cancer early and create a positive outlook. Like all radiological tests, there is low risk to the dose radiation. However, the test is sufficient for finding cancer. 

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