Beware of Medicare fraud in Palm Beach County! Absolute Best Insurance gives you the best tips (as an experienced Medicare insurance agency) for avoiding scammers and protecting your identity.

Catching The Scammers: Advice From A Medicare Insurance Agency

Protecting your Medicare card should be like protecting your credit card— something you’re pretty diligent about.

Whether you’ve had your Medicare card for a while now, just received yours, or are looking to obtain one, it never hurts to learn more about some of the most common scams and tips to keep your card safe. Laying out this information for you is just one of the ways Absolute Best Insurance offers you constant support. Check out our tips below!

There are a few common threads among Medicare fraud scams. Fraudsters may say things like

  • They’ll send you free things or promise some sort of free benefit, all they need is your Medicare number. Don’t tell them that.
  • They may also try to take advantage of you during a period of panic and concern, such as the current pandemic. You may get a call offering to find you benefits, or about some sort of change in your plan due to COVID-19. Whatever they claim or offer, they shouldn’t be asking for your Medicare number.

Another way to keep an eye out for fraud is to keep a calendar specifically for all of your doctor’s visits and tests. If you find that your card has been used on an occasion outside the ones you’ve marked, you’ll want to call your insurance agency right away to check things out.

Get Help Choosing A Plan With An Insurance Agency Near Me!

If you’re new to Medicare, you may be a little overwhelmed trying to figure it all out. There are many kinds of plans for many kinds of people, budgets, conditions, etc. Together, we’ll find one that’s a fit for you!

Absolute Best Insurance is a health insurance agency near me that specializes in helping our clients figure out which Medicare Plan is best for them— Medicare Advantage, Medicare Supplement, or the Medicare Part D prescription drug plan. After giving us a call, our highly trained agents will sit down with you in person or over video chat, (whichever you are most comfortable with in this era of COVID caution) and evaluate your individual needs. We’re not ones to take a one size fits all approach when it comes to helping you choose a Medicare plan. Most importantly, once you choose a plan, we are here for you year after year as plans may change or your needs may change. We’re a health insurance agency that prides itself in providing you constant support. It’s what makes us the Absolute Best.

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