Understanding how Medicare works and the full advantages it can provide to the citizens can require training from a professional in the area. In West Palm Beach, Absolute Best Insurance has been a steady and reliable consultant participating in the education of area residents that are searching to gain knowledge and empowerment tools to use the program better. For that reason, in our role as a health and life insurance specialist, we are highlighting the vital information Medicare providers are sharing about the Medicare supplement plans Florida residents can request to complement the original service and maximize coverage opportunities.

What Medicare Providers Are Sharing About Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans

Medicare can be a somehow confusing program to navigate through. Hence, we asked local providers to explain basic information about how Medicare supplement plans work. Below, you can read the answers to the asked questions.

  • When Can You Buy Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans? You are eligible to buy Medicare supplement insurance plans when your Medicare Advantage plan, Medicaid, or other government healthcare plan (apart from Medicare) is due to expire. Life insurance agencies are obliged to sell it under those conditions.
  • Can Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans Be Integrated to Medicare Advantage Plans? No. Supplement plans are conceived to pay for gaps of the Original Medicare program, which means Advantage Plans are not covered. The same treatment expands to other programs, such as stand-alone Medicare Prescription for drug plans, Medicaid, and unionized healthcare coverage.   
  • Do Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans Work with Medicare Part A and Part B? Yes, thus far, ten standardized plans are servicing different states. They are labeled A, B, C, D, F, G, K, L, and N. They provide several benefits related to Part A’s and Part B’s coinsurance and copayments, deductibles, and foreign travel emergencies.
  • What Are Other Exemptions? Medicare supplement insurance plans don’t cover dental care, eye care, hearing aids, long-term home nursing care, private-duty nursing. You may have to consider a separate health care insurance policy to cover those expenses.
  • How Is Total the Coverage Cost Split? For different types of coverages (e.g., Medicare and Medicare supplement plan), usually, the primary payer executes the payment first and sends the balance to the secondary payer.

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