With the new year starts healthcare coverage. Whether you already signed up for coverage during the open-enrollment a few months ago, or have a qualifying event and options to still purchase healthcare coverage, you’ll want to figure out what plan is best for your needs. Getting your own coverage may seem confusing or overwhelming, but read on to find out what the basics of healthcare coverage entail, plus what some Florida Health insurance companies are offering. And before you start searching for an insurance agency near me, you’ll want to check out this Palm Beach County health insurance company first!

Basic Health Insurance

Healthcare coverage is not legally required in most states, but if you want to avoid potential nasty and debilitating medical costs, it’s a no-brainer to seek coverage. There are some short-term insurance programs that will help you cover some costs for those specific accidents or medical costs, but not for anything long term or pre-existing conditions. 

As we age, it’s important to have the right coverage for your needs, whether they are increasing or staying the same. Determining how often you visit the doctor, if you have any underlying or chronic conditions, and how often anything drastic happens to your health can help you decide how much coverage you want for the year. And consider whether you want to keep the same doctors as the ones you had last year, as some plans may or may not include their offices. Health plans have to include your pre-existing conditions as well, as it’s now illegal for companies to deny insurance over these ailments. 

What Florida Health Insurance Companies Offer

HMOs (Health Maintenance Organization), PPOs (Preferred Provider Organization), EPOs (Exclusive Provider Organization) and POS (Point of Service) are the most common Florida coverage plans. Full health care plans offer a range of tiers: bronze (up to 60% of costs), silver (70%), gold (80%) and platinum (90%). 

So, if you make multiple trips to your doctor(s) per month, the platinum plan may be your best option as the higher cost of this insurance will most dubitably be offset by the copays and coinsurance costs. Whereas, if you only visit your doctor(s) every other month or when something aches, then the bronze plan may be your best option as the platinum plan would be too much. 

Simply searching for an “insurance company near me” doesn’t cut it these days, and you want to ensure your health is insured through the best and worst of it. You may still have time to enroll if you qualify for any of the special enrollment period reasons, such as divorce (if you shared health insurance with your spouse), loss of your job, birth of a child, moved to another state that doesn’t offer your plan, among other qualifications. 

If you happen to be over 65 years old, you may qualify for Medicare as well. It is a government subsidized health care plan offered to older Americans, with coverage being allowed to younger people with select conditions, such as disability or individuals with end-stage renal disease. Over 20% of Florida adults use Medicare, and it may end up being the right coverage for you. 

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