If you’re self-employed, you already know about the myriad benefits that come along with it. There’s no boss for you to report to each morning, you have the luxury of making your own hours, and you never have to worry about losing your job! But, as with most things, there’s just one catch: not having health insurance. Most people have a health insurance policy through their employer, an overlooked perk that self-employed people don’t get to enjoy. If you’re self-employed in Palm Beach County and ready to speak to a health insurance broker, Absolute Best Insurance can help!

How a Health Insurance Broker Can Help

If you live in Palm Beach County, you may be wondering, “where can I find a good health insurance agency near me?” Well, look no further! ABI has 70+ health insurance agents working directly with consumers and insurance providers to help get self-employed individuals the coverage they need. Understanding insurance policies can be complicated for the layman, but the brokers and agents at ABI take all the guesswork out of it. They can help you find private insurance companies with policies tailored to the self-employed or help you understand the confusing Affordable Care Act online marketplace. You won’t ever have to Google “best insurance agency near me” ever again. Our agents can gather all the information to quickly match you with your perfect fit!

How Can I Get Affordable Health Insurance as a Self-Employed Person?

Many people worry that paying for health insurance out of pocket will be entirely out of their budget. However, the agents at ABI work with a wide range of providers and can direct you to cost-effective options. If you choose to go with a private insurance company, you may end up with a higher deductible than someone who has the same insurance company through their employer. However, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. A higher deductible will help keep your monthly premiums very affordable. Our agents can also match you with one of the providers on the Affordable Care Act marketplace, and may even be able to find you a policy with a subsidized premium!

Can ABI Help Me Find a Medicare Policy?

If you’re both self-employed and one of the millions of Americans who qualify for Medicare, you’re probably tired of looking for a “Medicare insurance agency near me.” Luckily for you, Medicare is ABI’s specialty! We can help you find affordable Medicare, Medicare Advantage Plans (also known as Medicare part C), and even Medicare Supplement Plans! No matter what part of your Medicare policy you need help with, ABI’s got you covered.

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You don’t have to forego health insurance just because you’re self-employed. If you’d like to get on the road to affordable health coverage, contact a health insurance broker at Absolute Best Insurance in Palm Beach County today! Call (561) 420-0280 or visit us online to learn more about your options or to contact an agent.