Whether you smoke or not, everyone applying for health insurance or life insurance must answer the following question: do you use tobacco? Those who smoke cigarettes, pipe, or chew tobacco, your answer is obvious. However, those who vape, use gum, nicotine patches, pills, your answer is not so simple. Contacting a health insurance broker will help provide insight. Absolute Best Insurance works with consumers to direct brokers and offer our services to Palm Beach County. 

We work with Medicare, Medicare supplement plans, and medicare advantage plans. We have over 70 agents with expert knowledge with several insurance providers. Work with us to know if you’re covered and eligible for the benefits you need.

Why Do I Need a Health Insurance Broker?

First consider the following question, why is smoking so important or how is smoking a health insurance link for high premium? Some insurance companies do charge more for premiums in applicants who pose a higher risk. They compare it to dangerous activities for life insurance. Similar, but consistent message that tobacco usage is an unavoidable risk, and therefore represents a high-risk circumstance.

The premiums raised, depending on your state, up to 50%, but will charge tobacco users up to 20% above the traditional premium. So how do you avoid this type of situation?

 Avoid Higher Premiums

The insurance market is competitive and looking for an insurer that minimally impacts their premiums for tobacco usage. The best approach is to have a qualified health insurance broker who has access to plans that meet your needs.

Vaping for example, when Obamacare was enacted, stated that tobacco risks were known. However, there was no distinction made between tobacco and the characteristic of nicotine absorption. Electronic Nicotine Delivery System had not yet been created. However, if you are using tobacco, cigarettes, cigars, chewing tobacco, e-cigarettes, you are considered a user to the health insurance industry. 

The risk of stating that you are not a user, when you do smoke, does have consequences. If the insurance company does find out, they will void their health insurance. Not only will it raise your premiums, you could be sued for previous underpayments. It could also cost you your job. 

At the very least, there is the Tobacco Surcharge, which discourages using the products on your premiums. Other terms include tobacco premiums, premium incentives, or nonsmoker discounts. 

The Benefits of a Broker

When applying, it’s best to find a health insurance broker with Absolute Best Insurance. We cover the needs of Palm Beach County and will get you a fair premium. Don’t take the risk to avoid higher premiums, but work with us and we’ll make sure you’re covered fairly. If you’re trying to quit, there is cessation therapy which is available at no charge, and will aid in your application. 

Even if you’re not trying to quit, we can help find the best insurer to cover your health insurance, and find the best Tobacco Surcharge that doesn’t break the bank. Call us today for more information and we’ll set you up with our best brokers!