COVID-19 has completely upended life as we know it. It has affected every industry and has left no person untouched by its effects. Because of this, more and more people every day are reevaluating their healthcare options and life insurance policies. At the same time, right now may be the perfect time to purchase a life insurance policy. With the current state of the world, some companies have temporarily done away with medical exam requirements. This means that policyholders under 60 may purchase guaranteed life insurance with fewer hoops to jump through. But there is no need to search “life insurance agents near me.” Our team of 70+ agents at Absolute Best Insurance has years of experience providing personal & family plans, Medicare Advantage, and Supplement plans to Palm Beach County. We work with a great selection of insurance providers, and we promise to put you in a policy that makes sense. Read on to learn if guaranteed life insurance is right for you.

What Is Guaranteed Life Insurance? 

Guaranteed no medical life insurance does not require a medical examination for approval as long as you meet other qualifying factors. They are great for those who are uncomfortable with doctors or do not have time to meet with one. Another advantage is that you can be approved quicker (four to six-week turnaround), meaning you will be insured faster. The other variant of policy is the possible no medical life insurance which may or may not require a medical exam depending on your answers to specific medical questionnaires. You should never take these questionnaires lightly. If you pass away from a preexisting disease not listed on the form, the insurance company will not pay your death benefit.

How Much Coverage Can I Get & At What Cost? 

Currently, depending on your age, insurance companies will cover you from between $750,000 – $1 million in a guaranteed no medical or possible no medical life insurance policy. The industry is moving in favor of these policies, and prices for them are trending closer to medically underwritten policies. But of course, your actual monthly payments will be due to factors specific to you, such as your age, income, and medical history. A qualified insurance agent will discuss your options and find you a policy that makes sense.

Should I Buy Guaranteed No Medical Life Insurance? 

Of course, you should! Guaranteed life insurance policies make it easier to get the coverage you need at a price you can afford without all the extra obstacles. There is no telling if life insurance will ever be this accessible again; secure your policy while you still can. You no longer have to search for “life insurance agents near me” with our dedicated team of experts at Absolute Best Insurance. We pride ourselves on providing both exceptional direct-to-consumer and insurance broker services.

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Life insurance is now more accessible than ever! No mandatory medical exams mean less hassle. Stop searching “life insurance agents near me” and contact our team at Absolute Best Insurance in Palm Beach County for your quote on guaranteed life insurance today!